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Corporate Programs

Also available is our "pack your lunch" program. A seminar (1hr) with our qualified nutritionists focusing on preparing "real food" for all employees who would like to improve their diet and their life!
We also offer our "fast food" program, where employees register their dietary concerns via an emailed questionnaire and book themselves in for a 20min consult to address the issues raised with our nutritionists.

The benefits don't stop there for Employers!

  • Improved work performance
  • Reduced absenteeism and sick leave
  • Decreased incidence of attending work when sick
  • Decreased frequency and cost of workers compensation
  • Improved self morale, satisfaction and motivation
  • Improved corporate image and and attraction/retention employees
  • Increased return on training and development investment
  • Increased employee engagement and employee relationships

Not to mention the benefits for your employees!

  • Increase in health awareness and knowledge
  • Increase in physical health and mental well being
  • Improved opportunities for a healthier life style
  • Greater capacity to enjoy life both in and outside the work place.
  • Increased morale, job satisfaction and motivation.
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