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Group Training

We appreciate that the cost of 1on1 training or finding friends/family members willing to come join you for sessions can be a stumbling block. If that resonates with you, group training is for you. We have 2 different types of group training available. Group Resistance Training and Group High Intensity Interval Training.

Group High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT): 45mins

HIIT sessions are aimed to get your heart rate up and keep it pumping! This is the type of training people associate with cardio or conditioning. The sessions incorporate circuits made up of things like body weight exercises, kettle bells, medicine balls, sleds, ergos and sprint bands.


  • Ideal for burning body fat
  • Improved fitness and cardiovascular/respiratory health
  • Cost effective and motivating group environment

Who it suits

  • People from all levels of fitness.
  • These sessions are designed to be done at any individuals pace, from very beginners to most elite level athletes.
  • Those who want a session that they are able to challenge themselves to their own limits
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