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Personal Training

1on1 & 2on1: 30mins

1on1 personal training is the most comprehensive service we offer. One of our experienced trainers will work with you to compose a training and nutrition program that is tailored to suit your specific goals, wants and needs. Everybody is different and sometimes having that exclusive personal touch is the best option to reach your goals.


  • Specialized training program to ensure you achieve your goals
  • Your trainer is able to give you 100% focus to your technique when performing exercises reducing risk of injury
  • The best level of accountability possible. Your trainer is best able to monitor your progress and motivation, if they see your progress or motivation start to wane interventions will be made to keep you on track

Who it suits:

  • New comers to a gym environment. Your trainer can guide you through everything you need to know in the gym and allow you to feel comfortable
  • Those with injuries requiring specific rehab programs
  • Competitive athletes needing sport specific training protocols
  • Those who enjoy the personal connection that only 1on1 training can provide
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